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TTS Business Services processes over 2,00,000 claim forms per day in HCFA, UB04 and Dental. TTS Business Services provides fully customizable and automated data capture processes that leads to faster turn-around times, higher accuracy of claim data, and reduced costs.

Below is a high level overview of the TTS Business Services data capture subsystems. Data Capture Subsystems

Optical Character recognition (OCR)

TTS Business Services utilizes OCR to improve quality, reduce costs and shorten turn-around time.

Key From Image (KFI)

Claims that cannot be processed by OCR are routed to our internally developed KFI system. Our KFI system also includes low level validation edits.

Quality Control Module

Captured claim data is subject to quality control edits. For example, captured names are compared with a US Census Bureau listing of names. If the captured name does not match our census bureau data base it is automatically subject to a second review.

Base Double Key Module

TTS Business Services utilizes "OCR Enhanced" double key. This provides highly accurate data using less labor thus reducing client costs. The double key module can be used on selected fields or the entire claim.

Enhanced Double Key Module

We use this for super critical fields. This process is triggered in the event the referee keyer does not agree with either of the two previous keyers. In this situation the field is again keyed by a senior keyer. This approach further increases accuracy.

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  • Page Composition
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  • Publishing Services

    TTS Business Services provides a complete service and solutions to the leading publishers in the industry.

    - E-Publishing

    TTS Business Services offers a comprehensive set of Prepress / Premedia content production and E-publishing services. TTS Business Services manages the entire typesetting, proofing and production process, and deliver content that can be distributed through multiple channels. We create e-books as per your choice of format depending upon: The content viz. text, graphics etc. We have a dedicated team, well experienced in E-Publishing content related to scientific, technical, medical, educational, literary works, manuals etc.

    - Page Composition

    TTS Business Services provides flexible composition solutions for special-interest publications and scholarly journals. Our cutting-edge typesetting technology provides rapid turnaround at maximum cost efficiency. For clients looking for the latest in digital technology, we offer full service composition in an XML environment for convenient print or online delivery. Our Basic Services includes Conventional Typesetting & Design and Layout.

    - Scanning & Proofing

    TTS Business Services can handle scanning with flatbed scanners for cases of delicate / fragile documents, or where the books cannot be unbound. Scanned images are stored and converted into any file format, which is suitable to clients need & document management systems. We deliver digital images and index information in formats specified by our clients; most of our clients currently require delivery of TIFF or PDF formatted images, typically stored at 300 dpi. We can deliver virtually all industry standard image formats and can scan images at any resolution. To ensure the quality of the output we manually proof read each and every line of the document to give 99.99% accuracy.

    - Typesetting

    TTS Business Services specialize in scanning, image manipulation, page composition and assembly, imposition, digital proofing, and digital file archiving. Our craftsmanship and dedication to excellence has earned us a position as one of the most trusted suppliers of high-quality, high volume prepress services. We can easily adapt to whatever format our client prefer, or suggest a book layout and design in accordance with their specific requirements.

    - XML & HTML Tagging

    By using leading-edge technologies and skilled XML & HTML conversion executives, we can convert any unstructured data into structured XML & HTML format of any publications. Our team can recognize file structure, layout, headings, bulleted lists, emphasis, tables, code samples, etc of any data format and can convert them with adequate XML & HTML tags. We can even convert the special effects and images files into XML & HTML. Our expert data conversion team can handle large and complex XML & HTML conversion projects with ease and deliver the completed work ahead of schedule We provide our customers with quality XML & HTML conversion service at a cost-effective price.

    - Graphic & Image Processing

    With the support of advanced techniques, imaging platforms, graphic formats, and software technologies, we can provide you cost-effective solutions in image processing services. At TTS Business Services, we help you to manage, enhance, and optimize your product images. Our services including image processing and deals with images scanned in or captured with digital cameras which are formed as bitmapped graphics format.

    TTS Business Services is a premier provider of healthcare revenue cycle outsourcing services to medical billing and coding providers, payers, hospitals, managed care providers and individual physicians in the US. The Revenue Cycle Management directly affects the cash flow for the healthcare providers. The long cycle of obtaining revenue from payers is one of the major causes of higher costs along with unpredictability of payments.

    TTS Business Services's Revenue Cycle Management practice ensures minimizing errors and denials to facilitate quick turnaround times. The focus is on improved cash flow and decision making. TTS Business Services has the expertise and solutions that improve revenue cycle metrics. Improved metrics produce accelerated cash flow which allows providers to improve patient care.

    TTS Business Services offers the following service lines in Revenue Cycle Management

    Patient Registration

    Subsequent to an appointment at the doctor's office, we facilitate patient registration by collecting and verifying the patient demographics and incase the patient is already registered in the medical billing system, new information is verified with the existing data and changes are updated.

    Insurance Eligibility Verification :

    Insurance eligibility verification is an optional service and is provided as per client's requirements.

    Medical Coding

    TTS Business Services provides high quality medical coding outsourcing services. We have a team of AAPC (AmericanAcademy of Professional Coders) certified medical coding specialists and they strictly adhere to Insurance and Government Regulations. Our medical coding team is well versed in ICD-9, CPT coding, and HCPCS codes across various specialties.

    Charge Entry

    Our Medical Billing professionals enter charges based on standard medical billing rules pertaining to each specialty, insurance carrier and the location. The charges are created within agreed turnaround times – generally 24 hours. Our charge entry team is well trained to work with numerous medical billing software packages like Medical Manager, Medisoft, Next Gen, MEDfx, AnzioWin, etc., to name a few.

    Electronic Claim Submission

    The crucial step in the medical billing process is submission of the claims. The claims contain sensitive information including patient data and insurance information. Submitting claims electronically reduces processing delays and ensures high readability that no claims are rejected due to illegibility. With electronic submission, carrier confirmation report is also instant and prevents any time delays due to transmission. Also, tracking claims has become easier and corrections could be made to the claims before rejection.

    Payment Posting

    Payments received from patients & insurance companies and also from Collection agencies are posted to the patients accounts in the client's medical billing system. The posted payments are balanced against the deposit slips to ensure accuracy in payment. The payment posters also check for any under payment being made to the accounts. We also do electronic posting of payments in to the medical billing software and ensure that the EOB files are stored for future references.

    Denial Management

    Denial management is very essential in the process of medical billing. Our dedicated team of denial management experts does strong analysis of the denied and under paid claims to determine the reason behind the denial or under payment. Corrective measures are taken on the basis of the analysis and without any time delay; the claims are re-submitted for acceptance of the insurance provider.

    After re-submission, the denial management team does regular follow-up of the claims with the insurance provider to know the status and speed-up the payment.

    The team sends regular status reports to our clients and maintains record of such claims for future references while ensuring that the documentation guidelines are always followed and special requirements like referrals, authorizations and ABNs are in place and no denials occur due to the violation of these standards.

    Accounts Receivable Management And Follow Up

    Collection of the receivables is essential to any medical practice but is not an easy task. We employs various professional and efficient methods to recover the receivables and also excels in converting aged AR receivables in to collections by doing effective follow-up with insurance providers. A dedicated team does follow- up with patients to get missing patient information by sending emails, notices or making phone calls. TTS Business Services aims at improving our client's account receivables turn-around time thereby increasing cash flows and improving profitability. We continuously strive to nullify bad debts and increase medical billing collections.